Wayne County, Georgia Marriages
1900-1925  Groom Index Y-Z

SOURCE: Wayne County, GA Marriages
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These marriage records are what was entered into the courthouse records from 1900-1925. This includes a dozen marriages from prior to 1900, as far back as 1894, that weren't placed in the courthouse records until after 1900.


Groom Last First Name MI Bride Last First Name MI Marriage Date
Yarbrough Bertie   Landon Ella   11/19/24
Yarbrough Elmer   Tripp Fannie Pearl 6/28/24
Yarbrough John W. Roberson Dennice   5/9/05
Yarbrough Leon   Weaver Josie   1/18/18
Yarbrough T.B.   Poindexter Audie   8/31/19
Yarbrough Tom   Bryan Elizabeth   12/24/05
Yawn N.C.   Hilliard Nancy   12/22/08
Yeomans Alvin Lester May Mozena   3/22/24
Yeomans Bryant Lester Surrency Elizabeth   10/25/11
Yeomans J.E.   Miller Jessie G. 12/24/24
Yeomans L.A.   Owens Vida   10/10/03
Yeomans Onnie Kelmer May Nettie Anna 7/11/23
Yeomans Perry   Ricks Cora   12/24/11
Yoder C.R.   Middleton Cora M. 12/26/06
Youles J.B.   Lewis Nancy   1/16/16
Youles Roy R. Highsmith Maggie   10/23/13
Youmans D.S.   Martin Mollie   9/20/04
Youmans Edice   Boon Nancy   4/4/11
Young B.C.   Nolan Agnes   6/3/06
Young George A. Harris Ocie   7/31/00
Youngner James A. Surrency Martha   3/1/08