Wayne County, Georgia Marriages
1900-1925  Groom Index S-T

SOURCE: Wayne County, GA Marriages
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These marriage records are what was entered into the courthouse records from 1900-1925. This includes a dozen marriages from prior to 1900, as far back as 1894, that weren't placed in the courthouse records until after 1900.


GroomLast FirstName MI BrideLast FirstName MI MarriageDate
Sallette William H. Saxon Ellie   6/5/04
Samples Wesley   Stewart Gracie   4/30/06
Sanberge Charles Enoch McMillan Lessie Gilbert 6/21/11
Sandifer Henry M. Harper Lillie   8/27/16
Sapp Clint   Carter Bell   7/3/08
Sapp James A. Groover Anna   12/10/22
Sapp R.H.   Herrin Hattie S. 5/31/24
Sapp Willie   Tyre Lottie   12/26/23
Sasser L.H.   Wilson Viola   4/30/24
Sauls David O. Bennett Amelia   9/20/14
Sauls W.W.   Scully Nora   7/25/00
Sauls W.W.   Suman Lizzie   7/7/01
Saxon Arthur   Williams Minnie   3/4/08
Saxon Gus   Tripp Monnie Lee 6/25/24
Saxton D.H.   Keith Ola   6/15/13
Scarborough J.M.   Youngner Hattie   4/25/03
Scarborough Owen C. Andrews Blanche C. 1/21/20
Schliff William   Harft Anna   6/4/13
Schlitter Harry   Hall Emma   3/17/09
Schofield Elliott F. Moore Nellie   6/5/18
Scott Arthur   Priester Agnes   6/6/20
Scott E.A.   Aspinwall Effie   3/4/17
Scott Earl T. Mikell Emma   3/14/23
Scott Erwin   Walls Josephine   9/9/18
Scott Frank   Branch Ida   8/18/01
Scott Green   Goodman Belle   3/3/25
Scott Herbert   Hays Ella   10/1/13
Scott J.B.   Kicklighter Ronie   7/16/05
Scott J.L.   Bennett Cora   11/20/11
Scott Lucian   Edenfield Sillar   11/16/19
Scott O.H.   Ivey Edith   7/12/13
Scott Oliver   Pearson Nellie   9/24/16
Scott Robert   Morgan Susie   4/1/01
Scott T.B.   Sloan Agnes   8/25/21
Scott T.C.   Bennett Eliza   5/26/18
Sears R.J.   Poppell Mayzell   11/21/19
Sease Harry Lee Brannen Annie Lee 9/23/22
Sewell J.B.   Tyre Millie   2/27/10
Shadron Cleo   Hand Lou   4/18/20
Shafter George   Edenfield Georgia   10/7/15
Sharpe A.R.   Morgan Kansas   3/6/21
Sharpe Candler   Green Iona   7/13/19
Sharpe Willie   Parker Viola   10/15/22
Sharpton Billie   Hughes Flossie   12/16/13
Sheffield Henry   Thomas Maybell   8/26/17
Sheftall Benjamin   Riggins Isabella   9/4/18
Shelton W.F.   Carter Nina   6/4/22
Sherlock Barney   Sherlock Kate   10/6/23
Sherrod A.D.   Deloach Ivy   2/21/22
Shipes A.H.   Griffis Minnie   3/1/03
Shipes C.L.   Harris Martha   11/14/15
Shipes Marvin   McKinley Annie Mae 2/11/22
Shipes Wiley   Taylor Maybell   11/4/17
Shipes Willie   Johnson Mary   10/24/17
Sikes Fulton T. Green Allie Lee 11/25/17
Simmons Charlie W. Davis Katie V. 11/29/05
Simpson Arthur   Bennett Elizabeth   3/3/07
Simpson George   Marshall Annie   5/7/01
Simpson Henry   Lynn Nancy   12/18/09
Sinclair Isham   Murray Lou   12/1/01
Sinclair J.L.   Murray S.L.   5/17/02
Singleton David   Williams Stella   12/7/06
Singleton S.D.   Owens Sarah   7/22/00
Skene William H. Sanford Lenoir   2/9/18
Slater John M. Wheeler Gussie   8/4/15
Slaughter Ernest M. Crosby Orile   5/9/18
Sloan D.W.   Rozier Maggie   9/29/10
Sloan Fulton   Campbell Maggie   12/30/14
Sloan J.J.   Rozier Mattie   6/19/01
Sloan J.R.   Anderson Magnolia   9/1/15
Sloan Lawton   Rozier Gussie   8/24/10
Sloan M.P.   Newsome Ida   5/16/12
Sloan Vincy   Taylor Mary Lena 10/3/24
Sloan W.S.   Griner Edith   2/2/02
Slotin Alex   Greenberg Berdie   6/3/25
Slover H.K.   Breen Margaret   7/1/20
Smart J.B.   Griffin Nancy   3/6/02
Smiley Mart   Joyner Mary   12/14/21
Smith A.D.   Hudgens Della   2/2/14
Smith D.L.   Beckham Martha J. 7/2/24
Smith Dennis   Mangram Della   9/20/06
Smith Earl B. Taylor Lula   7/22/23
Smith Elsie D. Strickland Jewell   2/9/19
Smith G.L.   Partridge Ollie   8/2/25
Smith H.A.   Spivey Minervy   8/8/19
Smith H.C.   Parrott Tivie   6/7/08
Smith J. Ward Parrott Nemmie   5/5/12
Smith J.C.   Flowers Mizell   11/20/04
Smith J.Q.   Jacobs Gertie   7/12/03
Smith J.S.   Smith Janie   7/22/25
Smith James T. Colvin Lila   3/24/12
Smith James P. Middleton Mary   12/13/14
Smith Jim   Rawls Mary   3/27/01
Smith Joe   Stevens Cassie   8/2/01
Smith Joe B. Depratter Sally B. 1/17/15
Smith John   Riggins Sallie   4/7/00
Smith John   Ward Etta   1/25/03
Smith John J. Head Sarah   8/1/05
Smith John C. Brady Eva   8/24/11
Smith John C. Brady Eva   8/24/11
Smith John   Salette Hortense   6/8/20
Smith L.P.   Morris Minnie   3/2/09
Smith Marvin   Spell Wilmer   7/4/20
Smith Nolan Ransom Todd Nevie Irene 9/25/25
Smith O.C.   Tyre Trudie   2/7/22
Smith Oscar Jr. Gautier Louise   6/11/13
Smith Robert B. Rowell Sarah   1/8/06
Smith Rollie R. Mikell Eva M. 3/21/20
Smith Sherrod   Clark Anna Bell 8/12/17
Smith W.B.   Anderson Gussie   6/2/14
Smith William   Westberry Lou   4/1/09
Smith William D. Stewart Mattie   5/15/11
Smith William H. Deal Cynthia E. 2/6/22
Snider G.E.   Wilkerson Venah   12/29/19
Snyder J.   Massey Gertrude   6/15/21
Solomon B.L.   Kinchen Bernice   3/21/24
Solomons William E. Jenkins Beulah A. 3/10/20
Solzman W.M.   Flowers Minnie   5/11/20
Southwell John B. Horton Marie   2/15/23
Sparrows Dave   Roberson Virginia   9/16/00
Spell A.R.   Gordon Alice Aline 5/10/14
Spell Albert   Dent Gladys   11/6/20
Spell Charles A. Arnett Agnes   3/1/14
Spell George   Bennett Mattie Lee 1/2/01
Spell Henry   Wilson Zilla   6/8/15
Spell James   Adams Bertie   12/15/18
Spell Monroe   Drawdy Lura   4/24/21
Spell W.D.   Woods Viola   3/8/14
Spell W.T.   Bennett Frances   9/14/02
Spence D.T.   Osteen Ethel   1/21/06
Spence J. Hill Middleton Gussie   10/3/03
Spencer Caleb   Martin Georgia A. 5/6/00
Spivey John R. Spivey Clara   10/5/19
Spivey Walter   Clark Lillie   1/27/11
Sports M.L.   Ogden Estella   2/21/15
Stallings Cauley   Bryant Bertie   5/6/25
Stallings Johnnie   O'Berry Levinia   9/19/20
Stanfield J.L.   Miller Mollie   1/24/22
Stanley Lee   Tyre Essie   7/9/16
Steele George A. Bush Auglie   7/16/14
Stephens L.E.   Strickland Lizzie   7/28/25
Stephens P.R.   Blakely Arizona   6/10/21
Stewart J.O.   Crosby Addie   10/12/16
Stewart James   Brooker Alice   11/3/01
Stewart James M. Colvin Matilda   10/8/05
Stewart Jesse   Swindle Myrtle   4/21/25
Stewart John B. Manning Carrie   8/10/01
Stewart Talbert Leith Tindall Alma   1/7/15
Stimey M.W.   Holmes Eliza   11/25/00
Stokes G.T.   Driggers Lou   3/31/10
Stokes John L. Barber Frances N. 6/4/06
Stokes ley Otis Gautier Sallie J. 12/20/19
Stokes Lucian C. Harris Nora   11/12/11
Stokes Willie   Herrin Lavada   7/22/03
Stokes Willis A. Highsmith Ella   5/12/07
Street Dan E. Harter Idell   1/8/24
Strickl;and Matthew   Watson Lela   5/8/16
Strickland A.B.   Moody Carrie   11/26/05
Strickland Albert A. Dowling Agnes S. 6/4/03
Strickland Allen   Westberry Mary C. 10/22/01
Strickland Andrew   Harrison Ruth   6/9/20
Strickland Andrew   Harrison Ocie M. 12/28/23
Strickland Archie   Frye Tempie   9/28/23
Strickland Arthur   Ribron Georgia   2/9/13
Strickland Aubrey   Bennett Carrie   3/19/02
Strickland B.F.   Wilkerson Lillie   1/30/06
Strickland Benjamin S. Williams Gertrude   2/14/01
Strickland C.C.   Roberson Georgie   12/12/15
Strickland Calvin   Gober Myrie   2/10/16
Strickland Charles   Brooker Martha   12/29/03
Strickland Charlie   Owens Mabel   11/12/11
Strickland David C. Thompson Dora   10/7/16
Strickland F.W.   Williams Lucreasy   5/11/00
Strickland Harry L. Taylor Mary   1/31/14
Strickland Harry   Scott Ethel   5/15/20
Strickland Henry L. Leggett Annie F. 9/15/04
Strickland Henry L. George Nora K. 2/2/08
Strickland Henry   Rozier Martha   6/26/10
Strickland Henry M. Williamson Lillie   12/2/12
Strickland Ira R. Barnard Miley   11/30/19
Strickland Ivy   Sloan Missouri   1/3/11
Strickland J. Lawson Barber Willie   6/7/02
Strickland J. Floyd Haddock Annie E. 7/2/10
Strickland J.B.   Harvey Agnes   4/14/19
Strickland J.D.   Delk Rosabell   5/5/13
Strickland J.L.   Robinson A.M.   10/23/10
Strickland J.N.   Campbell Mary   7/15/17
Strickland J.P.   Aspinwall Belle   4/13/13
Strickland J.T.   Strickland Ellen   7/2/04
Strickland James R. Johnson Minnie   5/23/02
Strickland James M. Stewart Minnie   5/24/08
Strickland Jesse E. Herrin Bessie   1/22/11
Strickland Joe   Moody Sidney   01/19/09
Strickland John S.  Clark Minnie Lee  08/19/13
Strickland John D. Woods Jettie   7/26/14
Strickland Joseph B. Rogers Nora V. 12/29/13
Strickland L.W.   Gill Ruth   3/13/17
Strickland Leonard   Herrin Ella   2/21/25
Strickland Luther G. Miller Myrtle   3/10/18
Strickland Luther   Hopkins Maybell   7/20/21
Strickland Lyman Bennett Jacobs Lura Amanda 7/8/15
Strickland M.   Medders Missouri   11/30/19
Strickland M.O.   Carter Mildred   9/15/19
Strickland Marcellous D. Bennett Katie   6/10/08
Strickland Melvin A. Floyd Lizzie   8/4/03
Strickland Millege   Courson Lillian   2/7/04
Strickland Newt   Dowling Eulalia   3/8/08
Strickland Oscar S. Reddish Lillian L. 10/24/12
Strickland R.B.   Williams Mamie   3/7/09
Strickland R.L.   Johnson L.E.   8/18/00
Strickland T.W.   Nettles Clara   12/21/13
Strickland Troy W. Moody Agnes V. 10/14/22
Strickland W.A.   Perkins L.T.   1/7/18
Strickland W.B.   Worley Grace   10/6/20
Strickland W.E.   Anderson Lottie   5/6/17
Strickland W.F.   Varnedoe Mamie   10/11/03
Strickland W.M.   Lastinger S.E.   12/19/02
Strickland W.O.   Reddish Nora   5/12/01
Sullivan David   Manning Maggie M. 6/29/02
Summerall A.L.   Aspinwall Willie   10/20/09
Sumpter George   Barks Maude   3/21/14
Surles R.M.   Turner Ella C, 9/28/20
Surrency C.F.   Dixon Nettie   8/17/19
Surrency E.E.   Poppell Eulalia   12/19/20
Surrency Eddie   Calhoun Hattie   12/25/11
Surrency Ellis   Bennett Ada   7/8/03
Surrency Harry W. Campbell Mary M. 6/24/04
Surrency L.A.   Nichols Ethel   1/13/24
Surrency Mayroe L. Harris Eula L. 12/28/22
Surrency Millard H. Oneal Florence B. 6/13/06
Surrency Samuel S. Ring Annie V. 12/16/10
Surrency T.A.   Lawrence Mae   11/12/11
Surrency Terrell B. Griffin Bessie V. 10/2/21
Sutton Andrew L. Bennett Nellie E. 4/3/21
Sutton Frank   Strickland Kate   4/18/15
Sutton Roy   Chadwick Mary   11/7/20
Swager Howard C. Wages Alma   11/3/14
Sweat Bealey   Andrews Chancey   8/26/03
Sweat J.H.   Grooms Mary   2/19/08
Swindle Thomas   Harper Corine   10/13/06
Swindle W.M.   Davis Marjorie   9/3/12
Sykes Charles E. Jacobs Amelia G. 12/27/03
Sykes Charlie   Jacobs Amelia   12/23/03
Sykes Joseph   Knight Lillie   12/22/12
Sylvester Noah   Gardner Florance   4/10/02
Tankersley Claude   Culver Ola   9/18/09
Tanner Thomas   Raulerson Addie   8/9/03
Tapley A.D.   Johnson Gertrude   3/15/24
Tapley J.T.   Jackson Leila   1/5/14
Tapley Samuel P. Futrille Kathleen   11/5/22
Taylor Alonzo   White Mary   12/7/03
Taylor Bertis   Reddish Pinkney   8/12/06
Taylor Elton   Roberson Annie   12/12/20
Taylor J.D.   Manning Lovie   6/10/20
Taylor John W. Harris Lucy O. 4/26/00
Taylor M.L.   Hall Lola   8/1/20
Taylor Will   Strickland Carrie   7/24/05
Teston A.V.   Sharp Mikey   3/20/06
Teston Archie   Morgan Verdie   5/1/10
Teston Clyde   George Hattie   12/17/21
Teston Filmore   Burney Annie   4/28/15
Teston George   Bell Jo   5/11/24
Teston John   McLellan Lonie   9/16/06
Teston Nat   Westberry Maude Lee 1/13/24
Teston Sam   Brewer Lucile   4/2/23
Teston T.J.   Morgan Winnie   12/18/06
Thomas Banner   Herrin Harriett   9/25/13
Thomas Burin   Midgett Annie   2/16/07
Thomas D.F.   Hilton Neta Grace 10/4/23
Thomas Edward   Brown Elizabeth   7/8/02
Thomas G.E.   Joyner Nora   1/3/07
Thomas J.T.   Roberson Hattie`   5/20/10
Thomas James M. Murphy Irene   1/14/03
Thomas James Ray Broadwater Annie Belle 9/27/16
Thomas Jay   Curd Martha   11/14/12
Thomas Luther   Morgan Viola   7/13/13
Thomas Reppard   Carter Nellie   10/13/15
Thomas Robert V. Epps May Bell 8/9/16
Thomas Russell   Herrin Nora L. 12/27/14
Thomas T.M.   Reddish Jettie   12/7/02
Thomason J.H.   Aspinwall Maud   5/6/06
Thompson Clovis R. Ogden Effie G. 6/3/24
Thompson Dan   Altman Emma   4/9/10
Thompson Elias   Bishop Liza Jane 7/30/25
Thompson F.A.   Harper Mary E. 3/19/18
Thompson F.W.   Westberry Donna   12/4/00
Thompson George S. O'Quinn Connie   6/20/23
Thompson J.C.   Davis Lula   4/9/12
Thompson J.H.   McGauley Sadie   5/15/17
Thompson J.J.   Roberson Leila   2/16/08
Thompson James Linton Bell Willie May 5/31/02
Thompson John W. Thornton Sulie   9/8/01
Thompson John D.   Yarbrough Gertrude   9/25/10
Thompson Johnnie   Googe Lillie   7/22/23
Thompson Jordan   Ammons Lena   10/20/19
Thompson L.   Knight Annie   5/8/01
Thompson L.B.   Jefferson Lucy   4/2/10
Thompson Perry   Brewer May   1/22/22
Thompson R.A.   Johnson Winnie   9/5/07
Thompson R.A.   Brewer Lillian   3/18/22
Thompson Richard   Amons Gertrude   7/9/16
Thompson Richard M. Ammons Lola   3/20/21
Thompson W.A.   Harris Ella   8/17/02
Thompson Wheeler   Lewis Mamie   6/15/03
Thompson William M. Roberson Rhoda   7/17/04
Thompson William L. McClellan Verdie C. 7/3/10
Thornton Archie   Batten Annie   12/31/22
Thornton B.L.   Carter Mamie   12/31/11
Thornton C.W.   Mikell Arabell   2/1/01
Thornton D.R.   Lightsey Katie   4/3/19
Thornton Elbert   Bullard Ethel   11/19/20
Thornton Frank H. Mikell Alice   4/22/00
Thornton Frank   Dubberly Beatrice   7/28/23
Thornton H.K.   Florie Mae   12/24/11
Thornton H.T.   Crosby Rebecca Arageneth 9/28/05
Thornton Isham   Griffis Lucretia   11/29/03
Thornton John R. Green Ida   11/10/07
Thornton Lindsay   Griffis Lizzie   1/11/21
Thornton O.D.   Long Viola   9/10/16
Thornton Odell   Oliff Cora Bell 10/7/25
Thornton R.G.   Thompson Lula   1/14/24
Thornton Simeon   Rollerson Mary   2/14/06
Thornton Stephen R. Dowling Mamie   10/24/09
Thornton Thomas H. Carter Esther   6/7/11
Thornton W.E.   Turner Cassie   4/3/04
Thornton W.M.   Mathis Mary   8/30/03
Thornton W.M.   Wilson Annie   2/9/19
Tillman A.H.   Hair Ruth   4/6/19
Tillman Curtis   Anderson Ollive   12/19/25
Tillman Henry   Monroe Minnie   1/27/03
Tillman J,B.   Yarbrough Sallie   4/15/03
Tillman J.A.   Johnson Sallie   3/6/04
Tillman J.P.   Weaver Alice   8/5/25
Tillman John   Fields Martha   3/20/10
Tillman Millard F. Bennett Minnie B. 6/1/19
Tillman R.J.   Denison Eva   10/4/14
Tilton Harvey Goodwin Fulton Ruth M. 3/17/16
Tindall C.C.   Spell Minnie   6/18/05
Tindall J.E.   Bennett Beulah Mae 8/12/17
Tindall R.W.   Mosley Lillie   3/4/09
Tindle M.W.   Horton Allice   1/15/02
Todd Collis L. Hodge Marie   2/21/16
Todd Edward D. Dennison Estelle   5/6/23
Todd Keller   Bacon Mildred   11/4/24
Todd Newton   Oneal Dora   2/10/20
Tomberlin Joseph   Collins Versie   4/1/00
Tooks James   Eason Lizzie   4/14/01
Tootle Edward M. Thornton Addie   10/7/23
Tootle W.F.   Shadron Bessie Lee 12/6/12
Tripp W.H.   Jackson Effie   2/5/25
Turner A.L.   Denison Mary   2/14/15
Turner Doyle   Williams Lizzie   4/6/15
Turner E.D.   Anderson Ida   10/17/25
Turner Fitzhugh   Raybon Maggie L. 7/27/02
Turner G.P.   Dent Anna   12/25/10
Turner J.H.   Donaldson Inez   11/14/19
Turner J.L.   Bunkley Carrie   8/29/09
Turner Lem   Dent Maud   2/17/07
Turner Luther   Dent Emma   5/5/07
Tuton Alex   Rogers Ruth   3/3/07
Twine Dock   Easton Nancy   11/22/03
Tyre Allen   Wasdin Gussie   4/22/23
Tyre Asa   Bennett Mattie V. 6/10/00
Tyre Asa   Horton Clyde   11/28/12
Tyre Asa N. Hardee Annie   8/1/20
Tyre Ben   Thornton Agnes   2/5/10
Tyre Brantley   Wilson Miriam   4/30/11
Tyre Chris   Mathews Alma   3/18/24
Tyre Daniel W. Surrency Louella   11/4/17
Tyre Dural   Franklin Nora Bell 2/4/12
Tyre Emory L. Eason Nora   7/9/22
Tyre Ezra ` Thompson Ella   11/23/13
Tyre Flem M. Harris Katie   6/17/05
Tyre Frank   Lee Edma   4/1/16
Tyre George R. Dart Nettie   11/7/20
Tyre H.F.   Rowe Mamie   5/30/23
Tyre Henry J.` Jackson Nannie   7/12/13
Tyre Henry,Jr.   Jackson Laura   12/17/11
Tyre Hobson   Aspinwall Estella   9/9/21
Tyre Irving   Leggett Fannie   9/14/13
Tyre J. Lawton Walker Bertie May 11/10/10
Tyre J.R.   Bennett Maud   6/8/18
Tyre Jake A. Todd Nettie   10/17/17
Tyre James   Cameron Nettie   4/15/10
Tyre Johnnie   Fennell Thelma   4/8/23
Tyre L.B.   Copeland Emily   11/29/19
Tyre Lester   Thomas Emma   10/3/04
Tyre Olen   Tillman Addie   11/13/15
Tyre Otis   Eason Leah   4/8/23
Tyre Riley   Howard Sallie Lou 12/11/23
Tyre Thomas A. Bennett Della   11/13/07
Tyre Thomas H. Burnett Beulah   2/13/11
Tyre Vernon L. Bennett Elizabeth   12/18/12
Tyre W.C.   Hurst Lula   6/23/20
Tyre W.L.   Bennett Maimie   12/27/03
Tyre Walton   Green Minnie   12/13/03
Tyre William   Williams Mamie   1/13/09
Tyson Walter H. O'Quinn Lizzie   12/24/05
Tyson William   Brown Janie   1/30/06