Wayne County, Georgia Marriages
1900-1925  Groom Index Q-R

SOURCE: Wayne County, GA Marriages
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These marriage records are what was entered into the courthouse records from 1900-1925. This includes a dozen marriages from prior to 1900, as far back as 1894, that weren't placed in the courthouse records until after 1900.


GroomLast FirstName MI BrideLast FirstName MI MarriageDate
Ralt Jet   Anderson Jane   1/4/02
Randle James   McGauley Kate   11/21/09
Raulerson Alvin W. Middleton Della B. 12/26/06
Raulerson James T. Dowling Hattie   8/11/12
Raulerson R.F.   Wright Lizzie   3/19/22
Rawls Elijah   Powell Mary   1/5/13
Ray D. Griffis Hodge Hester   9/23/25
Ray J.B.   Myers Nellie   8/24/19
Ray P.L.   Roberson Claude   10/15/14
Ray Willie   Sanders Lula   4/25/18
Reddish Arthur   Brannen Lilla   3/7/09
Reddish E.S.   Reddish Della   4/20/12
Reddish Eddie   Pye Tead   8/8/14
Reddish Frank   McKenzie Cora   4/29/14
Reddish I.S.   Poppell Georgia B. 10/23/03
Reddish J.A.   Coleman Lizzie   11/24/08
Reddish J.M.   Coleman Fannie   2/25/06
Reddish John H. Haddock Ella   1/19/02
Reddish Lee   Brown Lula   6/10/05
Reddish Linton S. Harris Maud E. 12/17/08
Reddish Ottis Ashmore Thompson Nora Bell 12/21/24
Reddish Ralph   Westberry Tempie Mae 2/23/10
Reddish Robert L. Clary Sarahann   7/24/02
Reddish W.C.   Dent Vada   4/6/23
Reddish W.P.   Murray Ruth   11/25/17
Reeder H.G.   Moody Julia A. 5/18/15
Renfroe George E. McCall Maud   6/7/20
Rentz G.H.   Reddish Louise   7/20/24
Rhoden Charlie   King Leila   3/4/06
Rhoden James L.   Morgan Rena V. 8/4/13
Rhoden John L. Highsmith Mary E. 5/11/13
Rhoden Thomas V. Kbox Lula   7/6/13
Rice C.R.   Bell Rosa   6/7/14
Richardson D.C.   O'Quinn Eulalia Lee 1/19/10
Richardson E.A.   Daniels Eva   7/27/04
Richardson Henry S. Roberson Mollie   2/23/02
Richardson Ira   Brooker Elvy   7/2/16
Richardson J.A.   Westberry Kate   12/28/12
Richardson J.C.   Baldwin Olivia   11/19/01
Richardson L.W.   Knight Willie   4/9/11
Richardson Lewis   Nettles Lizzie   4/23/05
Richardson Lloyd   Strickland Nellie   9/12/14
Richardson P.R.   Blood Beulah J. 6/18/05
Richardson P.R.   Hanner Cleo   3/28/20
Richardson Pressy   Roberson Mary Ruth 7/4/21
Richardson Raymond A. Mankin Lucy Ellen 2/11/17
Richardson S.B.   Chambers Goldie   10/1/16
Ricks A.M.   Smith Lennie Belle 2/19/22
Ricks W.W.   Dent Leta   6/20/20
Riggins Charley B. Morgan Lilla   3/15/07
Riggins E.L.   Morgan Rebecca = 1/17/01
Riggins J.C.   Williamson Rena   11/13/21
Riggins James L. Morgan Crecy   2/2/13
Riggins Ward P. Broadhurst Ruby   1/6/23
Riles Joseph A. McClellan Jennie   6/26/04
Ring Ellis   Brooker Lillie   2/7/13
Ritch A,M,   Aldridge Mozelle   12/10/16
Ritch George   Kelly Florence   9/11/06
Ritch Jacob   Thornton Lydia   8/25/04
Ritch Jacob   Harvey Florence   10/30/10
Ritch Mershon   Davis Viva   2/13/23
Ritch Roland   Crosby Frances   11/22/18
Ritch Thomas G. Strickland Nora   7/28/12
Ritch W.A.   Thornton Lennie   12/18/01
Roberson A.E.   Coleman Olive   10/21/23
Roberson Allen   Manning Gertrude   9/27/16
Roberson C.L.   Hires Maud   8/14/04
Roberson Colvin   Jackson Cornelia   12/26/25
Roberson Cuyler   Pearson Hattie   2/17/04
Roberson Daniel   Bell Lizzie   5/3/02
Roberson David   Rowell Minnie   1/6/01
Roberson David   Scott Lois   8/25/06
Roberson E.L.   Plunkett Mattie E. 4/27/16
Roberson E.P.   Saxon Anna   7/15/17
Roberson Edgar F. Kicklighter Esther A. 5/14/14
Roberson Ernest   Thompson Ada   12/24/18
Roberson Everett   Strickland Cora   4/11/19
Roberson F.   Miller Nola   12/24/22
Roberson Francis   Lewis Nora   8/23/13
Roberson Frank   Ford Lois   12/7/19
Roberson G.H.   Denmark Ada   7/24/02
Roberson Heber   Poppell Millard   1/18/23
Roberson Hixon   Frye Sallie   8/14/10
Roberson Hovis   Overstreet Etta   12/28/14
Roberson Isham   Williams Agnes   12/25/15
Roberson J. Oscar Nichols Pearl   4/24/10
Roberson J.F.   Weaver B.L.   6/10/03
Roberson J.H.   Moreland Ethel   2/11/20
Roberson J.L.   Flowers Luticia   3/10/21
Roberson J.O.   Neese Gladys R. 6/1/19
Roberson J.R., Jr.   Mattox Ruby Lee 8/18/12
Roberson J.W.   Long Lennie   3/17/25
Roberson Jasper   Jackson Mary Lee 12/29/19
Roberson Joe   Knight Stella   02/23/1909
Roberson John F. Thompson Missouri   11/06/1911
Roberson John Hathaway Johns Janie Frances 06/06/1912
Roberson L.T.   Griffis Lena   06/11/1925
Roberson Lucian   Moreland Sibyle   5/19/20
Roberson Omery N. Ogden Laura M. 9/7/02
Roberson P.N.   Hardy Addie   12/24/13
Roberson Ralph W. Ammons Eula Mae 1/2/22
Roberson Vander   Rowell Nevada   5/3/10
Roberson W.C.   Clark Blanch   5/12/15
Roberson W.M.   Broadhurst Sallie   3/6/10
Roberson W.W.   Whitehead Ada   6/4/20
Roberson William E. Hart Mildred   4/21/18
Roberts Chess E Burney Ada S. 11/12/07
Roberts G.W.   Johnson Bessie J. 2/15/19
Roberts Harry   Black Annie   5/16/03
Roberts Lucius   Knight Mattie   4/3/21
Robertson C.C.   Strickland Ellis   9/26/15
Robertson Jethroe M. Flowers Addie ` 1/3/25
Robinson J.H.   Stewart Janie   8/10/04
Robinson Ralph   Flowers Pearl   9/13/19
Robinson Samuel   Simmons Adline   7/11/12
Roddenberry Harry S. Wasdin Audrey Iona 5/26/18
Roddenberry Nathaniel Eugene Anderson Pauline   2/16/11
Rogers D.H.   Long Emma   12/20/08
Rogers D.J.   Thompson Lillie   9/14/21
Rogers Ernest` L. Manning Lee   11/30/18
Rogers Gillis C. Johnson Rosa E. 3/12/13
Rogers Henry   Mikell Ella   8/22/06
Rogers J.B.   Westberry Catherine   1/21/06
Rogers J.M.   Lane Addie   1/11/16
Rogers Lodon W. Pearson Abbie   5/8/04
Rogers M.E.   Slone Ava Lee 6/18/21
Rogers Perham B. Craig Georgia Bell 5/5/18
Rogers W. Brack Johns Alma   9/7/22
Roguet E.C.   Gunter Helen   4/24/12
Rooks A.J.   Jackson Janie   4/23/05
Rooks A.J.   Johnson Elizabeth   10/11/06
Rooks A.J.   Rozier Belle   9/11/09
Rooks L.H.   Turner Jaines L. 8/19/00
Rooks Lewis H. Manning Laura J. 4/25/06
Rooks W.R.   Rozier Mollie   8/12/09
Rooks Walter H. Harper Arabella   8/10/09
Roseway March   Moore Almenor   11/14/03
Ross Jesse   Elliott Fannie   4/1/05
Roundtree Robert W Harper Mary Ann 3/4/00
Rowan Willie   Madray Bessie   2/19/05
Rowe Rufus   Heath Annie   12/12/25
Rowell Abner T. Harris Verdie L. 2/25/06
Rowell G.I.   Anderson Maud   7/7/18
Rowell Jabez J. McBee Ellen   4/21/08
Rowell James S. Rawlins Lella   3/17/03
Rowell John H. Lewis Rhoda A. 5/12/10
Rowell Tollie   Davis Sarah   10/4/24
Rowell William P. Crews Martha J. 4/1/09
Rozier Alvin W. Highsmith Nora Bell 7/5/17
Rozier Burley   Johns Elmina   4/8/06
Rozier D.N.   Key Ida   10/1/09
Rozier Dave   Crosby Lelia   11/16/18
Rozier Ellison   Hickox Tishie   11/16/03
Rozier J,C.   Bennett Nora   9/19/17
Rozier J.B.   Manning Esma   11/11/17
Rozier W.L.   Harrelson Annie   9/22/01
Rozier Wiley A. King Minnie M. 6/3/06
Rozier William B. Keen Zoa   4/22/06
Russell Johnnie R. Thorntonn Susie   4/13/13
Russell N.T.   Ring Carrie   8/5/16
Ryals C.H.   Dixon Evelyn   2/23/21
Ryals Frank B. Horton Willow   12/20/11
Ryals James   McCollum Maggie   4/11/09
Ryals Wade   Williams Annie   11/16/00