Wayne County, Georgia Marriages
1900-1925  Groom Index I-J

SOURCE: Wayne County, GA Marriages
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These marriage records are what was entered into the courthouse records from 1900-1925. This includes a dozen marriages from prior to 1900, as far back as 1894, that weren't placed in the courthouse records until after 1900.


Groom Last First Name MI Bride Last First Name MI Marriage Date
Irish Alfred   Harper Ruby   6/28/20
Isenhower W.D.   Westberry Ruby   10/1/22
Iverson H.E.   Phillips Hortense   10/16/09
Ivey Kellis   Landon Lona   9/26/15
Ivey Watson   Aspinwall Maggie   5/11/02
Jackson A.R.   Roberson Lucile   10/3/21
Jackson G.W.   Hand Callie   5/26/12
Jackson George   Murphy Roxie   12/18/04
Jackson George R. Floyd Leila   8/3/11
Jackson George R. Floyd Leila   8/3/11
Jackson Henry   Davis Clara   1/6/03
Jackson J.H.   Goss Leila   8/8/16
Jackson Joe   Price Minnie   2/21/06
Jackson Joe T. Herring Hettie   2/8/14
Jackson John   Murphy Nellie   2/13/15
Jackson L.C.   Murphy Mary   3/19/13
Jackson Melton   Ammons Gussie   7/17/10
Jackson Millard   Westberry Lula Mae 7/16/24
Jackson Moses   Stephens Hester   5/10/00
Jackson O.J.   McDowell Addie   10/13/00
Jackson R.T.   Correber Etta   11/12/14
Jacobs A.J.   Pearson Ella   12/29/03
Jacobs A.J.   Durden Mary   8/25/12
Jacobs A.J.   Harper Fannie   12/30/20
Jacobs Alfred B. Walker Hattie Mae 1/17/00
Jacobs Azle   Williams Macie E. 7/22/00
Jacobs Corbet   Brooker Ida   11/19/16
Jacobs H.C.   Pearson Maud   3/24/07
Jacobs J.B.   Shumake P. May 7/31/17
Jacobs J.D.   Campbell Susie   7/8/13
Jacobs J.F.   Stewart Ruth   12/21/23
Jacobs J.M.   Manning Janie   4/30/05
Jacobs J.S.   Drury Rona   3/4/07
Jacobs J.S.   Dukes Pansie   3/9/19
Jacobs James   Rogers Lula   1/20/06
Jacobs James W. Johns Trudie   1/9/21
Jacobs Jesse J. Harper Mattie Lee 9/17/19
Jacobs John S. Morgan Annie   2/28/04
Jacobs Lewis   Keen Sula   12/16/10
Jacobs Noah B. Sikes Lavonia   7/1/17
Jacobs Willie   Sapp Ethel   10/22/16
James Charlie   Cloer Mary   10/7/25
James David   Williams Eliza   11/22/03
James L.H.   Withrow Essie   8/8/20
James Richard   Wilson Darrah   4-9-1898
Jefferson Benjamin F. Johnson Ida   7/16/08
Jensen J. Edmond Wainwright Clara L, 8/29/07
Jernigan Caster   Roberson Verdie   6/4/10
Jerrod Andrew   Waters Lizzie   9/14/23
Jerrod G.W.   Jerrod Lizzie   2/27/10
Jerrod Robbie   Nabb Nolen   8/31/25
Jewell Leavy   Harden Maude Lee 7/25/25
Jiles William   Williams Cornelia   9/22/02
Johns Albert L. Lee Martha J. 11/6/02
Johns Benjamin D. Ham Claud A. 11/11/06
Johns Clyde W. Melvin Leila   10/15/13
Johns David C. Wilkinson Mary   5/29/10
Johns Dewey   Smith Mittie   11/16/23
Johns Emory E. Lee Serena E. 11/26/03
Johns Francis   Thornton Lucy   5/23/04
Johns G.R.   James Ollie Mae 11/5/22
Johns General J. Harris Olie   8/9/03
Johns Grover C. Batten Frances   12/29/07
Johns J.A.   Hickox Flora E. 10/10/06
Johns Jacob A. Harris Minnie A. 7/28/12
Johns Jesse   Rhoden Laura   9/21/13
Johns Johns   Knight Henrietta A. 2/12/05
Johns Oscar   Allen Sarah   11/18/02
Johns Owen   Lee Sarah F. 9/10/00
Johns Robert Preston Depratter Nellie Mae 4/22/17
Johns Walter R. Morgan Eliza J. 8/4/12
Johns Wiley E. Batten Arizona   1/5/13
Johns Willie Nelson Cauley Alice   7/25/16
Johnson A. Jackson Sims Fannie T. 2/26/06
Johnson Arthur   McGauley Allice   1/12/04
Johnson Bryant H, Oden Katie   4/12/03
Johnson C.C.   Oneal Blanche   5/26/10
Johnson Charlie   Phillips Annie   2/23/16
Johnson Clinton   Dixon Gladys   1/27/19
Johnson Ernest A. Ogden Mattie   8/19/14
Johnson G.R.   Manning Bessie   3/4/09
Johnson Hansford   Fennell Florence   7/31/10
Johnson Howell   Nettles Lelon   5/14/05
Johnson J.M.   Strickland Alice M. 8/23/03
Johnson J.R.   Mosley Eula   4/30/11
Johnson James Walter Ogden Gertie   8/18/12
Johnson Lester L. Beaver Annie   10/21/21
Johnson M.P.   Yarbrough Callie   12/24/11
Johnson O.L.   McVeigh Ora Lee 10/16/15
Johnson R.H.   Long Pearl   2/3/18
Johnson Rarford   Jones Lizzie   5/6/23
Johnson Rochell   Rooks Julia   10/24/01
Johnson Tiney   Quinley Betty   3/3/01
Johnson Troy   Strickland Ester   11/4/15
Johnson W.H.   Conner America   7/20/20
Johnson W.M.   Reddish Bertie C. 10/27/10
Johnson William Riley Youles Corine   4/8/06
Johnson` Raybon   Owens Georgia   11/28/09
Jojnson Robert   Westberry Effie   3/8/16
Jones A.R.   Sharpe Lowenia   9/28/22
Jones Alver E. Wainwright Clara M. 7/20/19
Jones Ben   Winn Sarah   9/28/02
Jones Buford   Dennison Ara   2/3/10
Jones D.D.   Johns Mary   2/28/07
Jones D.E.   Smith Bessie   12/21/02
Jones D.L.   Orr Flossy   3/17/18
Jones D.L.   Aspinwall Susie   3/29/23
Jones Eddie   Lawton Irene   4/24/10
Jones Edgar R. Conner Mollie   1/22/11
Jones Frank B. Boyd Emma L. 12/22/06
Jones George   Pettigrew Mary   9/29/01
Jones Gus   Sports Lizzie   3/1/25
Jones Hiram E. Yeomans Sallie   6/24/06
Jones J.W.   Roberson Susie   5/18/10
Jones John A. King Vera E. 4/8/17
Jones N.E.   Driggers Alice   8/23/05
Jones N.E.   Roberson Hattie   4/3/13
Jones Oscar   Fason Rosa Lee 6/19/02
Jones Owen K. Depratter Nancy   3/17/12
Jones Owen H. Bennett Marie Q. 6/4/24
Jones Samuel   Nettles Anna   5/15/04
Jones W.H.   Hart Martha   1/5/17
Jones Will   Rogers Georgia   7/23/01
Jones William I. Jacobs Ophelia   6/29/02
Jones Winslow   Robinson Ethel   12/24/11
Jordan E.L.   Wilson Minnie   4/30/25
Jordan R.   Johnson Lougenia   4/3/03
Joyner Archie L. Scott Veronica   12/15/21
Joyner B.C.   Harris Linnie   3/20/04
Joyner H.W.   Lane Dora   1/14/04
Joyner Harry   Grantham Maude   11/20/04
Joyner J.J.   Dent Burmah   4/11/19
Joyner Jasper   Robertson Lula   2/11/10
Joyner John   Wages Bessie   8/2/10
Joyner Jonas   Walker Frankie   12/25/02