Kirkland (fka Rock Hill) Cemetery, Coffee County, Georgia

Location: GPS 31 31 36 N 082 44 14 W Nicholls
This cemetery was formerly known as Rock Hill Cemetery. It is located off the New Forrest Hwy. Follow the signs to Sand Hill Church and take a left after the Church. The cemetery is down a dirt road on the right side with an iron fence around it. The iron fence is one of a few, if not the only one left surrounding a cemetery in Coffee County. Survey date unknown.
This is not a complete listing of the gravesites there and they are not in any particular kind of order.

Elias Kirkland 4/11/1892-3/22/1963 s/o Cuyler & Alice Kirkland Kirkland
Margaret "Maggie" Youngblood Kirkland 1/27/1893-1/18/1952 w/o Elias Kirkland

Unknown brick grave

J. E. "Tead" Kirkland 7/12/1899-12/17/1965
Vera McAlum Kirkland

Infant Daughter of Joe and Bertie Kirkland (no dates)
Infant son of Joe and Bertie Kirkland (no dates)

Unknown brick grave

Annie Kirkland 3/18/1918-6/18/1919 d/o Mr. & Mrs. J. E. "Tead" Kirkland
Infant Daughter of Mr. & Mrs. J. E. "Tead" Kirkland 9/5/1926

Willie "Dump" Kirkland 2/2/1873 2/16/1925 s/o Joshua & Margaret Fales Kirkland
Elizabeth "Bettie" Youngblood Kirkland 9/13/1871 12/20/1940 w/o Willie Kirkland, m. 28 Apr 1892 Coffee Co, GA

Theatus Kirkland Smith 12/14/1914-8/21/1988

Unknown infant

Stephen Lester Murray 11/12/1891-9/14/1899 s/o S. M. & Bette Murray

Unknown Brick/cement grave

wife of Warren Thigpen 01/1855-10/1901

Celia Lankford Kirkland Meeks 1834-1918

Timothy Jackson Kirkland, Jr. 9/14/1862-4/25/1936
Lauraney C. Ricketson Kirkland 2/21/1861-1/22/1909 w/o Timothy J. Kirkland, m. 05 Feb 1882 Coffee Co, GA

Josephine Ricketson Kirkland 12/10/1863 12/03/1885 d/o Bryant & Nancy Smith Ricketson; w/o David Kirkland, m. 04 Feb 1882 Coffee Co, GA

unknown cement slab

Wayne D. Wray "Doug" 4/17/1953-1/4/1987

Mary J. E. Kirkland Born 10/27/1873 Died 9/6/1875

Frank Kirkland Born 4/5/1888 Died 10/7/1889

Alice Kirkland 4/11/1854-12/15/1915 d/o Joshua & Sarah Fender Kirkland; w/o Cuyler Kirkland

James C. Kirkland 6/5/1936-6/3/1981

Kiler Kirkland 4/20/1884-2/4/1933 s/o Cuyler/Kiler & Alice Kirkland Kirkland
Mabell Youngblood Kirkland 2/9/1890-4/20/1969 w/o Kiler Kirkland b:1884

Margaret Thelma Kirkland Wray 1/23/1928-4/22/1986

(Unknown infant) Kirkland

Dorothy Laverne Kirkland 1/31/1943-2/9/1943 Infant of Mr. & Mrs. J. D. Kirkland

Mary E. Williams Kirkland 8/28/1864-12/9/1892 1st w/o Travis Kirkland m. 28 Dec 1890

Infant of Travis Kirkland and Fannie Carver 10/31/1918

Travis Kirkland 2/8/1862-3/26/1935 s/o Zenus William & Penelope Gaskins Kirkland; h/o 1st Mary E. Williams; h/o 2nd Fannie Carver
Fannie Carver Kirkland 12/8/1875-5/28/1937 2nd w/o Travis Kirkland

Cecil R. Williams 1905-1921 US Army

Emma J. Stapleton 1931-1932

Terrell I. Youngblood 7/21/1912-1/7/1987

Lula Mae Kirkland Youngblood 10/14/1893-5/8/1995
David J. Youngblood 8/9/1886-8/24/1950

Joseph L. Youngblood 11/30/1894-10/22/1967 Georgia, Pvt. Co F 318 Infantry, World War I

"Tony" Alfred Y. Stapleton 5/25/1932-5/17/1958

Alonzo Tanner 2/19/1905-2/6/1906 s/o Mr. & Mrs. J. M. Tanner

Unknown cement slab - may be grave of June Kirkland

Unknown cement slab- may be grave of Kiler Kirkland

Ethel Kirkland (infant - no dates)

Harrison Kirkland 10/10/1897-5/3/1901 s/o Harrison and Winnie Wilcox Kirkland

Joseph Kirkland 12/3/1895-4/7/1901 s/o Harrison & Winnie Wilcox Kirkland

Ira F. Kirkland 4/27/1894 12/29/1894 s/o Harrison & Winnie Wilcox Kirkland

Sarah "Sallie" Fender Kirkland 1824-1903 d/o David Fender; 2nd w/o Joshua Kirkland (c1797-1880)

Kirkland Twins 9/17/1992

Dewitt Kirkland 9/6/1908-2/16/1984

Infant baby of JA & Aliph Melvin 3/27/1910-5/7/1910

Infant of I. J. Williams 2/6/1911

Clarence Williams 6/18/1908-9/13/1912 s/o J. Williams

Charity Lewis 6/27/1891-2/17/1908

Penelope Gaskins Kirkland 4/6/1842-12/29/1927 d/o John M. & Frances Lott Gaskins; w/o Zenus William Kirkland, Sr.

Zenus William Kirkland 3/23/1839 1/13/1908 s/o Moses & Margaret Carver Kirkland; h/o Penelope Gaskins

**The following graves were surveyed on October 30, 2000.**

K. A. Kirkland Born on November 5, 1891 Died October 19, 1936

Minnie Lee Tanner 8/31/1886-4/21/1958
Green Tanner 9/7/1888-12/17/1976

Daughter of Moses & Lucy T. Pickens Kirkland 1903-1911

Moses Kirkland 7/29/1852-3/4/1924 s/o Timothy Jackson & Celia Lankford Kirkland; h/o 1st Delilah Tanner; h/o 2nd Lucy T. Pickens
Lucy T. Pickens Kirkland 8/9/1863-11/30/1930 2nd w/o Moses Kirkland

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