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PLEASE NOTE: All photos that are listed at MyPhotoAlbum have been moved or deleted. Please go to this link to view any family photos. I apologize for the inconvenience but MyPhotoAlbum suddenly went out of business May 2011. Have a blessed day. :)

2004 News
January 18th: My step-mother of 28 years, Mrs. Myra Cook Ackman, died while we were in Atlanta, GA during the International Motorcycle Show. Myra was 83 years old. She is greatly missed. Myra's Memorial

2005 News
January 1st: My good friend, Maggie Hill, died of ovarian cancer. She and husband lived in Waycross. The world is a little sadder place now without Maggie to talk to.
January: Visited the International Motorcycle Show again this year. It was fun as usual.
Summer: Lucy, our boxer, was bit on her nose by a pygmy rattler. Vet said she was in no danger of dieing but it was quite painful for her. The only part that was painful for us was the Vet bill. $$cha-ching$$
November: Saw my adopted father again. He is in failing health and still an first class jerk. At least he's consistent!
December: Maxie, our miniature schnauzer, suffered from kidney stones and had two bladder surgeries. She almost died! Poor little thing suffered something awful. She is now on the mend. (UPDATE: Maxie passed away 04 September 2013. We are deeply saddened by her passing.)

2006 News
January 3rd: My 81 year old adopted father, Donald Willard Ackman, died in Rutherford County, NC. Dad's Memorial. We now own his dog Sam Jr. (died 11 June 2011)
January 19th: Sold our 1991 Chevy truck. We've had that wonderful pickup for 15 years! It's been a reliable vehicle for us and we hate to see it go but it's time to move on.
February 13th: Bought a new car.
March 18th: Attended the International Motorcycle Show in Atlanta again this year. There weren't nearly as many interesting vendors, but, we did get to sit on what I hope to be my new motorcycle this year: Kawasaki 900 LT.
March 25th: Steve's 'new' cousins Martha & Monty Pharmer here for the weekend. We traveled up to Jefferson Co, GA and showed them where Hudsonia is/was. Also met more CAIN cousins and nice Grange residents. It sure is pretty up there. Then had supper at our favorite mexican restaurant in Waycross. It was a very full and fun-filled day! We are hoping they'll come back again soon!
April 8th: Moore Family Reunion, Blackshear, Pierce County, Georgia. An all day event with lots of good food and excellent company.
June 1st - June 11th: Traveled to the Texas Hill Country. Played tourist in San Antonio for a couple of days, yeah, we did the Riverwalk and was not impressed. What a dump. So, left and spent time in Fredericksburg. Now THAT's a BEAUTIFUL area! Came home exhausted but very happy. We're glad to be home but are already planning to return next Spring, if possible.
July 4th: We had a wonderful time. One thing we did today was ride our new sets of wheels! Yep, we now own new motorcycles. Traded in our respective 750's and Steve has a 2005 Honda ST 1300. I am now riding the 2006 Kawasaki 900 LT Classic. These bikes are just way too cool!!! :o)
July 31st: Sweetie had knee surgery. He has recovered beautifully and received therapy for his damaged joint. He was home for 6 wonderful weeks! I can get used to him being home easily!!
August 4th: Steve celebrated his 40th anniversary with BS.
August 11th: Celebrated our 27th wedding anniversary. Sweetie treated me to a fine dinner in Savannah, GA. We had a great time.
September 23rd: Attended the 2nd Annual Baxley (GA) Gun Show. We rode up on our 2 wheels, of course. 8^)
September: Sweetie had 'emergency' gall bladder surgery. He is now completely recovered and in the pink.
October 12th to 15th: Visited western North Carolina to view the Fall colours. This was my first long distance trip on my new Kawasaki 900 LT. It's too bad that Franklin, NC, is not the sleepy little 'burg it used to be. It is now ruined from an influx of Florida yankees and over-construction. We'll probably not return there anytime soon except for genealogy excursions and definately on 4 wheels. I did find some of my McMAHAN cousin's burial locations though. And we visited with our dear friends Millie & Clyde in Rutherford county. It's still beautiful there and we had a great time with them. It's good to be home.
November: We had a really nice, quiet Thanksgiving. Hope y'all did too?! Also, my 1/2 brother Jason and his wife 'found' me again after a 14+ year seperation! (It wasn't intentional on anyone's part, just one of those things.) Hurray!!! I am so happy about this! We all can't wait to get together and fill in the lost years. God is so exceedingly merciful to bring us all together as a family. :o))
Thanksgiving to New Years: I was quite ill for many weeks. I had contracted acute broncitis and sinusitis from a severe cold. Doctor very nearly put me in Hospital. Happily I am better now and on the mend. Thank you for all your prayers and kind words of encouragement.
December 8th & 9th: In spite of my illness, we met Steve's 'new' cousin, Martha Pharmer and husband Monty, in Savannah, GA. Then toured the Mighty 8th Air Force Museum. We had an enjoyable supper at a nice local restaurant that had yummy marguaritas and seafood. Next day was spent at the Savannah National Wildlife Refuge just across the border in South Carolina. We hated for the weekend to end! We must do this again very soon!

2007 News
January: Sweetie has been put on permanent medical disability with BellSouth (nka AT&T) which will mean an early, forced retirment. He has over 40 years of faithful service. There was a successful and rapid conclusion by February 13th.
February 24th: International Motorcycle Show, Atlanta, Georgia. This year it sucked. They moved into a horrible section of Atlanta (like there's a 'good' section of that dump??) and the price is way too steep. We won't be attending next year. Not until the show is moved back to it's original location or some other place better.
March: Installed an electric gate. No more getting outta the truck in the pouring rain to open the gate nor having soliciting pests stop by! Yay! :o)
March 17th to March 21st: Vacationed with Sweetie's Pharmer cousins in Florida. That was FUN!! They're great folks.
March 24th to April 23rd: Repainted our 14 yard old wood siding home. It took us a whole month and we ached for months afterwards.
April 14th: Attended the annual Moore Family Reunion in Blackshear (Pierce Co), Georgia. We had a great time! I am related to the Moore's by my maternal biological grandmother, Mrs. Bessie Moore McMahan.
April 16th to June 30th: There's been a terrible drought in SE Georgia for months. Somewhere near Waycross, on Sweat Farm Road, a tree fell on a power pole or lines and the resulting energy from the power lines started one of the most devasting fires our area has ever seen since the mid-1950's. As of 04 May 2007, Ware Co and Chatham Co have collectively lost 93,000+ acres.
The fires are getting scarier. Obviously, our entire SE area, even as far north as Baxley (60 miles) and beyond, is under a No Burn Ban. It's so dry that there are now two Okefenokee fires that our brave firefighters are trying to contain! I left the house early one morning to pick up Steve in Waycross (he had been to Fla. with a bunch of guys on a fishing trip in the Gulf) and I could see the origin of the smoke from right here on Mill Creek Road!! That's the first day I could actually see the result of this devastation. We have been covered in smoke for days on end. US 1 South leading to Waycross and others are still closed to all vehicular traffic.
Please pray for all those poor people losing homes, property and livestock ... and the poor wildlife that is displaced. Also the firefighters that are so very exhausted that the Fire Chief is having to just send some of them home to rest. Bless their courageous hearts.
I hope that many are praying for us to receive rain, LOTS of it and VERY SOON!! That's the only thing that will save this area. According to the weather channel our earliest chance is not for many weeks. It's making most people here edgy and nervous, I've noticed. It's becoming a bad situation all around. Oh well. "This too shall pass ..." Here's a nicely done YouTube video tribute to those who fought the "monster" in Waycross: LINK. Thanks to cousin David R. Moore for sending this. :o)
April 28th: On a happier note, Steve's fishing trip to the Gulf Coast of Florida was productive. He traveled with 5 other former co-workers. They had a great time. He brought home several pounds of grouper and snapper filet's. Colby Edwards, Steve, Richard Kight, Mike Bazemore, Tim (?) and Daniel Edwards caught this nice mess of 17 Grouper, 21 Red Snaper and 1 Big Mango. PHOTO
June 4th: Steve had emergency right shoulder surgery. It should take about 8 to 12 weeks to recover enough to drive. Then it may take over a year to 'completely' recover, if at all.
July 20th: Traded my Kawasaki Vulcan 900 LT Classic motorcycle for a new Suzuki V-Strom 650.
August 4th: Steve officially retired from BellSouth (AT&T) with exactly 41 years of faithful service.
August 11th: We celebrated our 28th wedding anniversary by spending most of the day in Savannah. We shopped and visited with an old friend. Then we traveled down the coast to Darien and supped at Mud Cat Charlie's on the river. All-in-all it was a splendid day.
August 18th: Steve had his retirement party at Rodeo Mexican Restaurant in Waycross. Many of our 'old' and 'new' friends showed up for the good eats and fun times. Those who couldn't make it, we understand. Some folks had other obiligations and/or were ill. We missed all who couldn't make it and know we are truly blessed to have so many friends. Thank you for helping to make our day extra special. God bless you all! :o)
October: Traveled to the foothills of South Carolina on our 2 wheels. The Table Rock (Pickens Co, SC) area is very pretty and the natives are friendly. :o)
November 3rd-6th: We drove to Houston, TX to visit their International Motorcycle Show. Then came back via the Natchez Trace Parkway from Natchez, MS to Jackson, MS. The Natchez Trace is not as well kept as the Blueridge Parkway. There are too many speeders and litterbugs. So we stop traveling it to start home. Spent one night in Andalusia, AL, then came on home.
November: Spent Thanksgiving Day at a Mexican wedding. That was best Thanksgiving ever! We had a wonderful time. Also, this month, Steve sold his 2005 Honda ST1300 and bought a 2007 Triumph Tiger 1050. Adventure bikes are just so much more practical for us on our poorly graded dirt road. Now there's less drama getting to the paved road one mile away. Photo
December: Merry Christmas and a Happy And Prosperous New Year Y'all!!

2008 News
February: I have been suffering from severe neck and shoulder pain for many years. I think I finally found a good doctor to help me deal with this. Right now it's drugs and physical therapy and they seem to be working. Things are looking better!
Also, Steve and I had professional photos taken of us.
April: We are traveling to the Hawaiian islands for vacation this year. There will be three other couples that are long-time friends on the cruise also, so, to coordinate who's going where and doing what, we had a Pre-Hawaiian Cruise Party. If the cruise is half as fun as the party, we're going to have blast!
April: My new 'toy'!
May - June: Took our Hawaiian Islands Cruise. Our ship was the Pride of America registered with Norwegian Cruise Line (NCL). We received mediocre service, ordinary food and amateurish nightly entertainment except for the stand-up comic. He was so funny he was a scream! The only good food was the restaurants we paid extra to gain entrance: Lazy J & Jefferson Bistro. NCL was so bad, even the nightly comedian, Chris Alpine, made a joke about it on stage one night. We almost gave him a standing ovation for the comment.
Anyway, we liked the islands of Hawaii, especially the people. They're so friendly and open, like the folks here. We did not like the cruise nor the long flights to get there and back. One thing bad about crusing is you're tied to the boat and it's schedule all the time. We missed a lot of fun that way. We had some excellent meals on land. Next time, if there is a next time, we hope to fly straight to Kauai (the northern most island), rent a room, rent a Jeep. Then just go swimmin' every day or relaxing things along that line. No tourist trap visits.
The flights were OK but these airlines don't give good service anymore though. Many of the airline crew were surly and unhappy. Nobody smiles anymore apparently. I just love spending over $1,000 to be treated poorly by unhappy employees and then to be scrutinized like a potential terrorist to boot. Such fun. The Atlanta airport was the worst. The blacks are racists with a nasty attitudes and it shows. They can just crash and burn. We will probably fly out of Jax next time.
Our 3 doggies sure missed us. And we missed them.
The BEST part of the trip was our friends that met us on board ship. We had a great time with them: Les, Ginnie, Gene, Gloria, Ann & Don. If they hadn't been along we would have punched out mid-week and found a way home somehow. We are so happy to live here and be home. Oh, and the heliocopter ride over the active volcanoes was worth the trip!
June 28th: We rode our motorcycles in the "Spirit of Liberty" Poker Run here in Patterson. It was hot and miserable but we're still glad we went.
21 July: Lucy had been limping rather badly for several days. So, we took her to the Vet today to be examined. After X-rays, Vet told us she suffered from "ruptured cruciate ligament in the right stifle with arthritic changes in the left hip". What that means is, it's can not be fixed nor changed. She will begin taking a mild pain medication and that stuff people take for joints. This will slow down the degeneration a little and offer some relief. I feel like Lucy has just handed a death sentence. This is how we lost our first big dog, Lady. :o(
August: Enjoyed a fun luncheon at the Buccanneer Club near Cresent, GA with some of our dear friends.
Steve had left shoulder surgery to repair his rotar cuff. This is his 2nd shoulder surgery in one year.

Special Note 1: Don't forget to visit my Blog. Most of what happens in our life is now recorded there. Enjoy and God bless y'all. (2008)

Special Note 2: I have returned to blogging but at a NEW ADDRESS: Wordpress. Hope to see you there. 01 June 2016

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