GREETINGS! Below are the 'main' surnames which I am interested in researching more fully. These names are connected with my biological or birth family. All the other surname pages are concerning my adopted family or my husband's family.

All of my information is on-line at Worldconnect ID "irisheyes" and is more up-to-date than these pages. LINK: These pages are mostly my direct line only but at Worldconnect 'everybody' is listed up to about 1900.

I hope you find the ancestors or relatives you are searching for. Please let me know if we connect or if there are any errors. I do try to be accurate but everyone makes mistakes.

Thank you for visiting and Happy Researching cousin!

Pamela 8^}

Keep those irisheyes smiling!
International Motorcycle Show, Atlanta, Georgia

"Mama's Baby ..."
My Biological Maternal Side

Byrd / Bird (and a Hudson)
ENGLAND to USA: Virginia, Tennesee, South Carolina, Georgia

Dillard / D'illard
ENGLAND to USA: western North Carolina, Tennessee, Georgia

Giddens / Giddings / Giddins / Gedon / etc.
WALES and ENGLAND to USA: North Carolina, South Carolina, 'Wiregrass' Georgia, Florida

Green / Greene / De Grene/ De Boketon / De La Zouche
Norman FRANCE, ENGLAND to USA: Rhode Island, Virginia, western North Carolina, Tennessee, Georgia, Florida and Beyond!
 Greene Articles from western NC
 Greene Bastardy Bonds found in NC
 Greene History From Norman France to present day USA
 Greene Marriages in GA
 Greene Marriages in NC

Hardeman / Hardyman / Hardiman / Hardman
ENGLAND to USA: Virginia, Tennessee, North Carolina, 'wiregrass' Georgia, Florida

Hollingsworth / Hollingworth / Hollinworth / Hollinsworth / Hollynworthe
ENGLAND to IRELAND to USA: Pennsylvania, Virginia, Delaware, Maryland, Georgia

Lott / Lotte / Lot / Lett
ENGLAND to USA: Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, 'Wiregrass' Georgia and Florida

Love / Luiff / Luf
SCOTLAND and IRELAND to USA: Virginia, Tennessee, North Carolina, Georgia, Florida

McMahan / McMahon / MacMahan / MacMahon / McMehan / Meehan/ Mahan / Mahon / McHaney
NOTE: One line's ancestor changed their name to McHANEY
IRELAND to USA: eastern Tennessee, western North Carolina, Georgia, Florida
 Page 1 (Generations 1 to 6);  Page 2 (Generations 7 to 10)
 McMahan Marriages in AL, GA, NC, SC, and VA

Moore (Clan O'More) / More / Moor
IRELAND and SCOTLAND to USA: North Carolina, 'wiregrass' Georgia, Florida
 Moore Marriages in GA

Roberts / Robert
FRANCE to SWITZERLAND to USA: South Carolina, 'wiregrass' Georgia, Florida
 Robert(s) Marriages in GA

Sweat / Swete / Sweatt / Swett / Sweet
ENGLAND to USA: Virginia, South Carolina, 'wiregrass' Georgia, Florida
 Sweat Marriages in GA

"Daddy's ... maybe!?!"
My Biological Father's Side

Keith / Keeth / Keath
SCOTLAND and IRELAND to the USA: North Carolina, Alabama, Florida
 Keith Marriages In Alabama, Georgia & South Carolina

Kuhlmann / Kuhlman / Coleman
GERMANY to the USA: eastern Pennsylvania, North Carolina, Georgia, Alabama, Florida

Maloy / Malloy / Molloy / O'Molloy
IRELAND / SCOTLAND to USA: Georgia, Alabama, Florida. Some moved further west into Arizona, California, etc.

McCall / McKall / MacKall / MacAll / etc.
SCOTLAND, USA: Alabama, Georgia, Florida
 McCall Marriages In GA


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